Reclaimed Oak Floor Boards

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12 m2 of Reclaimed English Oak Floorboards.

Dating from the 17thC this is a rare and beautiful batch of antique oak floorboards.

These oak boards have been graded, de-nailed and cleaned to provide a ready to use pack of flooring. 

At some point these boards were tongue and grooved, in removing damaged and excess timber some of the boards have lost their tongue and groove, so they will need to be laid as normal boards.

Ideal for a restoration or conservation project where the use of traditional and appropriate period flooring is required. Equally perfect for a modern build where the floor will speak for itself.


Random Lengths up to 3m Long

W: 20cm // 8" up to 25 cm //  10"(The majority is around 10")

D 20mm // 3/4"

Price is per square meter, this is to be sold as one batch of 12m2 and not split.


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