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Reclaimed Oak Beams

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We hold a large stock of salvaged timbers. Reclaimed oak beams are always in demand and we have a good selections of beams in stock at the yard here at Yew Tree Barn. 

Our Oak beams are often reused in building and restoration projects, and make excellent decorative features in both traditional and modern homes. Smaller more interesting reclaimed oak beams make excellent lintels or mantles for fireplaces.

We often hear that houses were built using oak beams salvaged from broken up ships, and whilst there is little real evidence to show that this is true, we have salvaged a number of oak beams from properties near glasson docks and similar places in Lancashire and Cumbria, which may give these stories some credence. What is certain is that some of the oak beams we have in stock are extremely old and were felled at a time in our history when the oak forests were much more plentiful.

If you are looking for reclaimed oak beams for a restoration or renovation project, or simply want a decorative piece of salvaged timber, please get in touch and we can help you find the right piece for your needs.


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