Bous large Soy aromatherapy candles
Bous large Soy aromatherapy candles

Bous large Soy aromatherapy candles

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This candle, part of our natural, 'no-nasties', aromatherapy range, large in size it has a burn time of approximately 100 hours.

Made using totally natural ingredients including soy wax, lashings of essential oils and features a very special wavy wooden wick to give your room a spa feel without emitting harmful chemicals into your environment.

Petrichor is that just after the rain smell, so fresh, green and earthy. For me it’s when you are caught in a shower, less of a hindrance and more of a sensory experience. That incredible scent of new, lush growth. That feel of the fresh rain drops pounding on your face.

Lunette (little moon) is a very relaxing scent, great for unwinding to, burning during yoga/meditation practice.

Each candle comes in an amber glass jar; Bous work with a UK supplier and they are all made here in England. They come with a screw top lid which helps the scent last longer and keeps the dust away. 

and afterwards.... Bous suggest reusing the jar for a plant pot, or storing dry herbs. Alternatively you can recycle it at your local facility.