A Buff Terracotta Albani Vase by Doulton, Lambeth.

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A buff terracotta model of the Albani vase made by Doulton, Lambeth C.1870

The original marble vase was discovered at Pantanello, Hadrian’s villa at Tivoli by Gavin Hamilton. Sir William Hamilton later commissioned James Byre and Giovanni Battista Piranesi to restore the vase, and make additions and improvements. After failing to sell to the British museum the vase was gifted to the 2nd Earl of Warwick, George Grenville, where it was displayed in a purpose built greenhouse.

It is rare to find a large terracotta model without damage and this vase has at some point lost its handles. Otherwise the condition is good, and the detail of the casting is nice and crisp, underneath many layers of flaking paint.



H 157 cm / 62″

W top 81 cm / 32″

W base 57 cm / 22.5″


H 66 cm / 26″

W top 81cm / 32″

W base 42 cm / 16


H 91.5 cm / 36″

W 57 cm / 22.5″