Lantern Cloche

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A large and impressive hexagonal lantern cloche. An original design, influenced by Victorian lantern cloches and cold frames. These are unique and exclusive items of garden equipment and whilst they serve a utilitarian purpose, they also add charm and a sculptural quality to your horticultural beds.The Victorians were especially keen gardeners, and these lantern Cloches are a progression from the french blown glass bell (cloche) used by plantsmen from the 17th century onwards. Sometimes known as a handlight, these glazed frames protect young plants and seedlings from the elements,  creating a greenhouse effect, often seen to particular effect in rows in the walled garden and vegetable plots. Our version is a variation on the theme and has penny feet that allow for air flow, a lead cap and a sturdy carrying handle. It has been shuffle glazed using copper clips and has height enough to see most plants throughout the development phase.Available painted in a range of colours, with personalised packing crates available for storing your cloche, you will find that these are an investment for many generations.

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