Wide Reclaimed Pine Floorboards

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Wide Reclaimed Pine Floorboards

A rare batch of wide reclaimed pine boards. Floorboards of this quality and size are becoming really hard to find, these pine boards are from old first growth trees, generally from the Baltic states where the trees grew much slower in the cold northern climes. This gives them a tight strong grain and allows for the width which we have here, in some cases up to 14" wide.

Ironically when these type of pine floorboards were first imported to the UK in the 18thC  and early 19thC their width would have counted against them. The fashion at the time was for narrow boards which would demonstrate wealth. This floor would have had humble origins as its owners would not have wished to go to the expense of having them ripped down and laid at greater cost. 

Some of these boards have at some point been waxed and others are bare. Laid together they make an interesting contrast.

Batch of 22m2 

Price is for the batch.




Average widths 8-14"

Lengths up to 4.5 m // 177"

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