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As a follow on from our Garden Days blog post - here are our Garden Party essentials
So, having already covered ideas for a range of reclaimed & antique items that you could have in your gardens, in the Garden Days blog post. It is now time to talk about an exciting brand we have just started stocking, Faro & their lovely range of garden soft furnishings. They have refined their blockprinting technique on cotton fabric & we think it looks great! You can find a selection of their napkins, tablecloths & parasols in the barn & we are already looking to expand the range we stock!
They do    t h e    b e s t    parasols that perfectly
complement your carefully chosen garden furniture.
We can sort you out with a table & chairs like the ones pictured below too.





Perfect for a quick break from the sunshine, or a spot for a lunch break from gardening, or just because the sun shining through the fabric really shows off the colours & they need to be admired.


a n o t h e r     t h o u g h t     . . . .

Are you getting into the festivities & having a street party for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee? If you're not, maybe you should be, or you could just pretend in the garden!

Then you can get down to the fun bit & pick the tablecloth & napkins to set the scene for quite the dazzling tablescape.



Don't forget about the Garden Days blog post if you would like to have a read

& you can find the everything but the parasols here on our website.

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