Garden Days

Garden Inspiration to Make the Most of the Upcoming Garden Days
We have a selection of reclaimed garden items
currently in stock & the ideas to accompany them


They have lovely decorative finials in an Anthemion motif design. Perfect for that very necessary detail in your cut flower bed. Anthemion literally means 'flower' in Ancient Greek & the design is based on the lotus flower & palm leaves, so that could also be a source of inspiration for a new section of your garden.
r e d    &    p i n k    s a n d s t o n e    t r o u g h s
They speak for themselves & one would be quite the statement item. Maybe you have an impressive entrance, that just needs one of these next to the gateway, replanted at intervals with a seasonal selection of plants to enjoy the changing of seasons every time you arrive home.


Or take advantage of the pink one below having no drainage hole & go to town with a fishpond setup. It is plenty big enough for a few hardy goldfish & just enough pond plants to keep you distracted long enough from life stresses  looking for the next time a flash of gold makes an appearance.

Or lastly, why not use in a smaller space as an interesting divider to really make the most of zoning your garden. Maybe even to edge a driveway & provide a talking point when you have guests to visit & they've passed it on their way in.


Who doesn't appreciate a period bench that also looks this immaculate? The curved form of the seat makes for a very comfortable resting spot. Perfect for spending 10 minutes with your mid afternoon tea & cake while you admire your hard work implementing our other ideas in your garden.



Perfect for seasonal floral displays in a covered outdoor setting, or for a lower maintenance option, plant up with perennials to enjoy a display with more longevity that will also bloom for years to come & provide attractive foliage in between. A pair, in particular, are very good for framing a walkway & adding height in what might be fairly low lying garden otherwise.

Do comment below with your own ideas, or maybe you have something else in the pipeline for your garden that you want to shout about. Likewise, if you have purchased reclaimed garden items from us in the past & want to share your story, leave a comment. Photos are welcome via email too.

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