Prop Hire

north west prop hire, film set design, salvage and reclamation hire, advert props, hire antiques and interiors

As one of the largest and most established reclamation and salvage yards in the north of England, we are well placed to service the film, television and advertising industries. Our huge range of stock is all available to hire and cost will be based on a percentage of each items value. We are able to provide large scale architectural items for use in film or TV, advertising campaigns, theatrical productions, set dressing, even parties or corporate events. (We once helped dress a wild west themed party in Windsor...) 

A large amount of our stock is not yet listed on our website so if you are looking for prop hire items then please get in touch. We have previously been able to source hard to find or unusual items for film an television and it is something we are always willing to do for our customers. 

Call us on 01539531498 or email to discuss your prop or set hire requirements.