3 Ways to Use a Gluggle Jug

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  3   ideas   for   you   to   use   at   home

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It goes without saying they make a great water jug for your table. They really do make being sensible and drinking your daily 2 litres of water an enjoyable experience, as well as being a great conversation starter with your guests. However, there is no need to save them for special occasions, they are best enjoyed everyday.

Now the obvious is out of the way here are 3 ideas to
make them a multifunctional purchase...



1. It’s not just a vessel for water, but a more indulgent beverage instead? Pair with vintage wine glasses or goblets of your choice, place on a tray from your stash (everyone should have a stash of trays to choose from), pick your favourite cushion, your favourite chair & enjoy a relaxed evening chatting.

Large grey gluggle jug with wooden goblets Japanese tray
2. The mini gluggle jugs are crying out to be milk jugs & would make a lovely accompaniment for your morning coffee. A fine tuned morning routine with little details like this is what everyone needs to start the day off.. Or for adding a drop of water to the whisky tot they're the perfect size.
Large yellow antique mug with a mini pale blue Wade gluggle jug milk jug
3. A pot for your growing brush collection that would look perfectly at home next to the kitchen sink! Style with a collection of items on the side, and picture the antique decoy duck sat neatly on a narrow kitchen windowsill & away you go.
Large gluggle jug as a utensils washing up brush pot with a wooden decoy duck


Extra ideas for you to think about at home:

The minis would be great as a pen pot for just the special pens, or encourage you to only have a small selection in use at one time. They also make a great small present or thank you gift.
The large or extra large would be lovely as vases for fresh flowers and the variety of colours would make a great contrast with bold flower colours. Our pick would be the cobalt blue with burnt orange chrysanthemums, perfect on the windowsill in the sunshine.


    We have various colour options in each of the 3 sizes & you can find them on the website here:

    mini       large       extra large



    o t h e r   i t em s   f e a t u r e d   i n   t h e   p h o t o s

    Available to buy in person & online sales can be arranged:

    Small blue & white platter - £10.50

    Brass candlesticks - £25 each 

    19thC drawing of a rural building (as part of a set of 6) - £500 for the set

    Small Sunderland Lustreware Charity dish with pink rim - £55

    Yellow glazed mug with a transfer of a wooing couple - £80

    Japanese papier mache tray - £65 

    Wooden goblets - £35 each

    Abbeyhorn egg spoon - part of a set of 6, each set is different - £40


    Available to buy on the website:

    Pair of antique wooden decoy ducks - £640

    Dish brush - £17.95

    Soft dishwashing brush - £5.95

    Stainless steel spiral whisk - £6.95

    Olive wood salad servers - £24.95

    Coloured tall dinner candles - £1.50 each

    Beeswax pyramid candle - £12.50


     Selection of Wade gluggle jugs



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