hawkshead relish petite couture raspberry and vanilla jam

Petite Couture Raspberry & Vanilla Jam 130g

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Simply packed with Raspberries and a hint of Vanilla giving a rich and vivid jam.



Raspberries (50%), Sugar, Vanilla Extract (0.5%),Gelling Agent- Pectin.

Prepared with 49g of fruit per 100g

Total sugar content 52g per 100g

Alcohol Content 0
Shelf Life 30 Months from production
Shelf Life Once Opened 1 month (Refrigerate after opening and use within one month)
Storage Temp - Unopened Ambient (1°C-30°C)
Storage Temp - Opened 1 - 5°C
Energy 220kcal 933kj
Protein 0.7
Carbohydrate 52
Sugars 52
Fat 0
Saturates 0
Salt 0