Dog Drying Coat

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Dog Drying Coat

These fabulous drying coats are made from high-quality, double thickness, cotton towelling.

Simply slip a Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat over your wet dog, fasten around the belly and neck with easy-to-use Velcro, and your job is done.Two layers of absorbent towelling wick away wet from your dog, and the soft cotton is comfortable and cosy for them to wear. No shivering in the back of the car, no wet dog smells, and no endless rubbing down. 

The Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat is a double winner, for you and your dog.


We currently stock two sizes:

M 11kg - 15kg

Shoulder blades to start of tail41cm - 49cm

Cocker Spaniels
Tibetan Terriers
Small Staffies
KC Cavalier Spaniels
Large Ffrench Bulldog
Miniature Bull Terrier
L 22kg - 29kg
Shoulder blades to start of tail 57cm - 67cm
Small Retrievers
Bearded Collies
Border Collies