Kiraku Clothing

Kiraku's Collection embraces Zen Buddhist Beliefs & Ethos of Serenity Balance Tranquillity Peace & Wellbeing.

Kiraku's Garments Are Made with Love, Craftsmanship & From The Very Best Fabrics Sourced Mostly  Japan. Nothing Is Wasted Every Bit Of Fabric Is Given A Chance To Become A Thing Of Beauty. To Hold Beautiful Memories, To Be Treasured, Loved & Handed Down.  


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Bergman Smock



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Bergman Tunic Dress for everyone every occasion. Comfortable without being untidy. Fantastic with knee high boots jeans or tights leggings or skirt. Totally made for Kiraku's Sloppy Joe trousers. Two deep side hip pockets Permanent fine pencil pleat front stitching...
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