The English garden is a very special and unique phenomenon. We aim to enhance the natural beauty of your garden with beautifully aged and weathered antiques and objects. Be that an ancient piece of carved stone, a traditional rusty wrought iron garden bench or a pergola made from reclaimed oak and cast iron columns. 
Stone troughs are a mainstay of our garden stock and we will always have a good selection of reclaimed and antique sandstone and granite troughs available. Garden furniture is essential for the full enjoyment of the Great British seasons. In our Cumbrian yard you will find large reclaimed stone tables for al fresco dining, traditional Indian Kadai firebowls for warmth, carved stone, lead or copper statues for stature, fountains and water features for movement and sound, and plenty of traditional tools and implements from the potting shed for any practical gardening.



recliamed limestone trough. Antique garden water trough planter
A good square antique limestone trough, ideal for planting alpines or succulents.  A local Cumbrian reclaimed stone trough originally used as a water container for livestock in a farmyard. Hand carved from one piece of stone. Dimensions: H: 11" W:...
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reclaimed antique street lantern, painted copper, uk architectural salvage Sold out
The paint has been partially stripped from this copper lantern, which has unusual ribbed glazing, one panel of which is sadly missing. Structurally sound and sturdy with a hinged panel for access, this reclaimed street lantern can be rewired and...
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reclaimed wrought iron tree guards Sold out
A reaclaimed pair of tree guards, coming in two halves, with both pairs showing damage to the bottom prongs and corrosion to the metal. All adding to the charm of these Victorian wrought iron tree guards which were reclaimed from...
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UK architectural salvage antique stone gate posts stoops and reclaimed red sandstone
An unmatched pair of reclaimed red sandstone gate posts/stoops. One has a carved rounded top where the second has a flat top. They could be reinstated as gate stoops or used as decorative features in a garden project. An attractive...
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vintage english garden wheelbarrow Sold out
A painted wooden garden wheelbarrow, with a replaced wheel. Sturdy and attractive, with removable front and back panels, this vintage barrow has plenty of life left, or could be used as a planter. Dimensions: H: 24" W: 59" D: 27"...
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A Salt Glazed Drinking Trough Sold out
This large trough has a fantastic colour due to the salt glazed firing process, creating a beautiful sheen and deep yellow with bags of character. This is a particularly large example and has a draining hole making it ideal for...
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Large Red Sandstone Trough Sold out
A hand carved large red sandstone trough with great wear from years of animals drinking and general use. There are some cracks visible but none of which would be a problem structurally. Considering it's age this trough is in excellent...
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lantern cloche, original glazed garden cloche

Lantern Cloche


A large and impressive hexagonal lantern cloche. An original design, influenced by Victorian lantern cloches and cold frames. These are unique and exclusive items of garden equipment and whilst they serve a utilitarian purpose, they also add charm and a sculptural...
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wrought iron strapwork garden bench demi lune antique garden furniture
An elegant wrought iron strapwork demi lune bench with scrolled arm.  Inspired by a !9th Century original, these benches are handmade to order in England.  A classic design that will enhance any garden space. This price excludes vat. Dimensions: H: 35" W:...
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hand made English wrought iron tree seat circular strapwork

Strapwork Tree Seat


A fantastic strapwork tree seat, hand made in England to a traditional 19th Century design.  It has become increasingly hard to find original antique tree seats. This hand crafted design was inspired by an original bench and painstakingly recreated.  An...
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strapwork gothic wrought iron garden chairs, terracotta urns, garden antiques and seating
The matching chairs to our Gothic bench. Hand made in England. An original design these strong and handsome garden chairs are all signed and numbered. Beautifully made strap work and riveted construction throughout with authentic period detailing.   
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Wrought iron garden bench ends Sold out
A pair of simple Victorian wrought iron bench ends in original green paint. If required these bench ends could be shot blasted and repainted and have new hardwood slats attached, alternatively they would make a great project to have ready...
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Riveted strap work pedestrian gate Sold out
A wrought iron strap work pedestrian gate with crossed bars and riveted joints this plain and elegant gate has its original hinge lugs and scrolled latch. The gate also has a 'D' ring to attach to the run of fencing...
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wrought iron garden gate architectural salvage and reclamation reclaimed garden gates Sold out
A chunky and heavy wrought and cast iron garden gate, with round topped finials,scrolled ends and decorative scrolls to the central section, this gate has a lower pintle secured into the ground rather than lug hinges for hanging.
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Large sandstone trough
This large and impressive sandstone trough was created from the dressed blocks of stone that once formed the foundations for a railway bridge. One side is rough hewn whilst the other is dressed with clean lines making this an unusually...
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