Linen throw by mcnutt
Light, durable and easy to pack our premium Linen Collection is an ideal choice for those on the move. Made using natural, breathable fibres, stay warm in winter and cool in summer with this soft linen throw  by your side....
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mobile barrowlite greenhouse, reclaimed glass original victorian design seed tray david la verscha design Only 1 left

Mobile Greenhouse


The Barrow-Lite is a mobile greenhouse inspired by original Victorian garden structures, it is hand crafted by a small team of blacksmiths in England using traditional methods in small quantities. Similar in design to cold frames or cloches, the Barrow-Lite...
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Mounted Antlers Sold out

Mounted Antlers


An impressive addition to any décor these Scottish Red Deer antlers on a skull mounted on sustainable UK sourced oak wood plaques will make a striking feature in any home.  Each piece is bespoke as no two pairs of antler...
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Oak Peg Rail by Creamore mill: the perfect peg rail for any kitchen or hallway

Oak Peg Rail

£17.25 +

Shaker design with keyhole fixings. Oak, natural finish. or painted in off-white, made in Shropshire UK. 6-peg 36", 4-peg 22", 2-peg 10" or can be made to your requirements.
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Oxhorn Chair

Oxhorn Chair


This magnificent cow horn and hide chair, has the wow factor and is the jewel in the Abbeyhorn crown. Each chair is made using five pairs of horns picked to match in shape and colour making it a truly unique...
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use to form newspaper into plant pots for seedlings and planting out environmentally friendly

Paper Pot Press


A great way to keep your gardening free from un-sightly plastic trays and pots. Use the press to form and crimp strips of newspaper into plant pots. Seedlings can be left in the pots when planting out to avoid disturbing...
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Pen Cup/Beaker

Pen Cup/Beaker


A multi purpose beaker. Ideal for keeping your pens in, your kitchen utensils tidy or used as a quirky beer glass.80 x 120mm
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Pete Osborn Turned Pine bowl
Turned bowl in Pine, 18cm diam x 8cm high Pete Osborn spent his professional life teaching woodwork and making beautiful objects.  Now he has retired to his barn near Kirkby Stephen he sources unusual and interesting wood to turn into...
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Pickle Fork Only 1 left

Pickle Fork


How often have you wished there was a special spoon for getting pickled onions out of a jar without getting vinegar everywhere? Your search is over 12 x 178mm
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Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin


Solid beech rolling pin with a food grade stainless steel axle and oak handles. Dimensions: 50x7x7
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Seba Storm Lantern Sold out

Seba Storm Lantern

£39.95 +


  • Small
  • Large
These Seba Storm lanterns from Nkuku are made from zinc and glass. The simple box design frames a candle beautifully. Their tall rectangular shape also means they are perfect for table centrepieces especially on a summer evening when dining al...
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Tea Caddy Spoon Sold out

Tea Caddy Spoon


With an appealing shape, this spoon is small enough to fit in your tea caddy yet has a wide bowl to dispense just the right amount of tea.40 x85
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Wellington Boot Rack
Wall mounted racks free floor space and allow unhindered sweeping or vacuum cleaning. The turned pegs hold any size boot upside-down to prevent damp collecting inside.   Available in 2 or 3-pair racks, the peg spacing is designed to mount...
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Whisky Tot Only 1 left

Whisky Tot


As the name suggest - a traditional tumbler for your best whiskey. Can also be used to store any number of other items. 65 x 70mm
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Wrought Iron Chandelier Only 1 left
Early 20th Century Wrought Iron Chandelier, with fantastic patina this is a highly decorative piece that is similar to Samuel Yellin's more delicate designs. Dimensions: H:67cm W:49cm
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